What Drives Us

We are on a mission to democratize fintech adoption at banks by giving the power to non-technical users embedded in business to lead fintech adoption. We believe a no-code platform on top of an API/cloud infrastructure will democratize tech and digital adoption by allowing banks to use any fintech-as-a-service and break monolithic architecture that has dominated the industry for decades.

Our vision is to be the fintech onboarding platform of choice for the banks – ensuring fintech inter-operability, obviating need for individual fintech integration, and enabling high speed of innovation for the banks.

Our Values


Solutions should be simple: simple to implement, simple to manage, and simple to understand. Even when addressing a complex problem, we seek the straightforward answers


We don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits all model. We build to adapt and evolve, and we believe that improvement is achieved through willingness and openness to change


We believe in the power of community. Our clients and our partners play an integral role in our ecosystem, and we grow stronger when we grow together


In steering Konduit, our leadership is combining years of experience of managing financial businesses at banks like Capital One and Citi with the technical mindset gained from engineering products at technology leaders like Amazon.

Our Investors

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