AI Cross-Sell

Maximize wallet-share

Get recommendations on cross-sell opportunities, personalized for your customers

  • Identify next sell based on our proprietary data of customer’s credit and payment history  
  • Achieve 25% cross-sell rate for new customers

How it works

Cross-sell opportunities fed directly into your CRM

Customer opens an account​
AI cross-sell model accesses proprietary data on customer’s transactions at other banks​
Recommendations for specific products are identified during application and for 180 days thereafter
Recommendations fed into bank’s CRM or marketing automation system; Bank drives targeted marketing and captures cross-sell opportunities​​

Use Case

Credit union achieves 25% higher cross-sell rate for new accounts in the 30-day period after account opening

We previously had not been very targeted in our approach to cross-selling, which was probably overwhelming to our customers who were receiving digital offers on products they didn’t want or need. When we began using Konduit’s AI cross-sell solution, we saw a 25% increase in cross-sell conversions which helped us grow our share of wallet.” 


Banks and credit unions want more from current customer relationships, yet data shows they are missing 40% of new sales opportunities through under-engagement. Our client, a credit union in Connecticut with 15,000 members and $500MM in assets, was already using Konduit’s Plug-n-Play Rate Check solution when they learned about AI cross-sell. They knew that their current strategy was a bit of a “spray and pray” model, and wasn’t leading to increased engagement.


Our client enabled the AI cross-sell to Plug-n-Play rate check. Based on customers’ credit and payment history, our client received personalized recommendations for cross-sell that was fed directly into their CRM and marketing automation system. This enabled our client to customize marketing campaigns and increase outreach to target members, which led to an overall 25% increase in cross-sell.

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