Hyperlocal LeadGen

Real-time access to 10.5 million consumer loan leads per month through a single API

Banks need to capture customers outside of their four walls. 45% of all auto loan customers do research online for financing options, dealer channel is on decline. The proportion jumps to 62% when looking at Gen Z

  • For Personal Loans, Auto refi, Auto lease buyout, Credit Cards, HELOC loans 
  • Stop losing local market share to non-local banks 
  • Pay only for performance 
  • Reduce spend on expensive social media and online advertising 

How it works

Hyperlocal LeadGen aggregates demand from 950+ personal finance and loan marketplace sites

Customer goes online to research products and rates on any top marketplace
Konduit’s LeadGen network routes lead via API in real-time​
Lead is checked for bank’s footprint and credit eligibility​
Qualified leads redirected to bank site, or land within bank’s digital experience (integrations to 15+ banking cores)​

Flexible Configuration


Specify footprint at state, county, zip level 


Select from over 150 credit attributes (all three bureaus supported), income and DTI


Specify product types and terms

Use Case

A 13-state lender grows funded consumer loans by 350%

“We were seeing a reduction of in-person personal loan inquiries and struggling to grow our digital funnel. When we implemented Hyperlocal LeadGen we were able to increase our pipeline, ultimately making the business more profitable and predictable.


Our client, a regional bank in Tennessee with 14 branches and over $1B in assets, was facing increased competition in account growth. They were concerned about the high cost of marketing spend to drive growth and the quality of leads they were receiving.


The bank enabled Konduit’s Hyperlocal LeadGen solution. The bank chose a 5-mile radius around its branches and configured Hyperlocal LeadGen to pull leads that met its credit eligibility, within this radius, in real-time. Credit eligibility was based on FICO, DTI cut-off and a dozen credit knock-outs. The bank saw 350% growth in funded loans through Hyperlocal LeadGen over a 5-month period. The solution was a much more cost-effective than their existing channel that was primarily web advertising.

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