Real-time Retention

Real-time notification when customers are a flight risk


of Americans are looking for a new bank


of customers are open to switching to a neobank in next 12 months


of customers with only one product said they’re highly likely to switch banks

Maximize customer wallet-share

Learn your customer’s needs and offer the right product

  • Covering 120 million annual consumer inquires for financial products  
  • Customer atrisk identified with product details  
  • Integrations with CRM and marketing automation systems to trigger retention
  • Add-on option to present offers to customer atrisk  

How it works

Get real-time notifications when customers are a flight risk or cross-sell opportunity

Every year, 120 million consumers shop online for financial products in our leadgen network
Konduit detects a match in your customer base
Customer at-risk, including details on financial product sought, is fed to your marketing or CRM system
Optionally, Konduit can present pre-qualified offers from bank to customer at-risk on 3rd party site

Use Case

Regional bank uses Real-time Retention to re-engage customers shopping for financial products

While we would like to be the primary bank for all of our customers, we were aware that many of our customers had accounts and financial products with competitors. Real-time Retention gave us better insight into which of our customers were shopping for financial services and what those services were

– CEO, Regional Bank


A regional bank, operating in 5 states across the Southeast, had already invested in digital lending solutions, using Konduit for Hyperlocal LeadGen and Rate-Check. However, they were concerned that some of these very marketplaces that were a good source of new leads, were also being utilized by current customers shopping for financial products elsewhere.


Online banks, fintechs, marketplaces, and comparison sites have made it difficult for legacy institutions to deepen relationships with existing customers. Customers often begin their journey for getting new financial products at 3rd party sites – outside branches and banks’ online presence. The client used Real-time Retention to get notified in real-time when existing bank customers were shopping for financial products at any of the 950+ sites in Konduit’s leadgen network, which sees 120+ million shoppers annually. The bank received the details on the customer’s interest and the products they were researching. These details were fed directly into the client’s CRM and marketing automation system. The account’s relationship manager was immediately made aware to increase touchpoints to retain the customer. Additionally, they were able to increase wallet-share by offering products that matched the criteria of those the customer was shopping for. The Client was able to not only get in front of potential attrition, but also extract additional LTV from the relationship by better addressing their customer’s needs.

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