Konduit offers a wide range of flexible solutions for your financial institution


Fractional-cost Rate Check

Hyperlocal Connect

Expanded Access

Real-time pre-qualified rates for consumer loans at a fraction of the cost

Capture market share in your footprint and maximize share of wallet

Fund declines rather than sending your customer to competition




  • Increase conversion by 40%
  • No setup fee
  • Ongoing cost at fraction of cost
  • Grow consumer loan assets
  • Grow relationship through cross-sell
  • Prevent customers from going to competitors 
  • Increase access to underbanked
  • Grow non-interest income
Getting Started 
Getting Started
Getting Started
  • No IT integration
  • 3-4 weeks to get started
  • Customize branding, eligibility, and pricing
  • Built-in connections to standard LOS, such as MeridianLink, TememOS, and others
  • No IT integration
  • 4-6 weeks to get started
  • Built-in connections to standard LOS such as MeridianLink, TememOS, and others
  • No IT integration
  • 6-8 weeks to get started

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