Konduit offers a wide range of flexible solutions for your financial institution

Fractional-cost Rate Check

  • Instant pre-qual:  Check rates and prequalify borrowers in under a minute, with no impact to their credit score.
  • Fractional-cost: No implementation fee, small monthly access fee, fractional-cost per app fee. Beats the competition. 
  • White label: Get started in 3-4 weeks with a fully customizable branding, eligibility rules, and pricing grid. Built-in connections to standard LOS, such as MeridianLink, TememOS, and others. 

Hyperlocal Connect

  • Dominate footprint: Capture demand in the network going to the competition. 
  • Pay for performance: Only pay for successful conversion (application started, funded loans). 
  • Connected: Hook to rate check on Konduit or to your loan origination system.  Built-in connections to standard LOS such as MeridianLink, TememOS, and others available. 

Decline Funding

  • Expand access: Help customers you can’t approve get loan using alternative capital. 
  • Retain customers: Don’t send non-approvals to competition. Our decline fintech partners are non-consumer facing. 
  • Fee based revenues: Grow fee revenue sources earned through decline referrals 

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