Decline Funding

Stop sending your customer turndowns to competition

Grow non-interest income and diversify revenue streams by funding declines

  • Earn referral fees on turndowns that are funded by an alternative capital network 
  • Funding capacity of $50 million auto loans and personal loans per month 
  • 50% of turndowns approved using an AI-based alternative underwriting model  
  • Service-retained or released options available 

How it works

Improve customer experience, and maintain relationships, by referring loans that don’t meet your criteria to a reputable servicer that will

Customer’s loan application is declined as per bank’s underwriting
Turndowns are web-redirected to Konduit (no PII data shared)​
Konduit funds declines through its capital network that uses A-based alternative underwriting model​
Bank earns non-interest income & customer is serviced by tier-1 servicer (or bank can retain servicing) ​

Use Case

Regional Bank earns $1.5MM in non-interest income through decline funding

“We didn’t realize we were missing out on over $1 million in annual revenues by monetizing declines. Konduit made the process so easy, we essentially found free money. But the real win for us was being able to provide options to our customers and grow loyalty in what previously used to be a pretty negative customer experience 


When a potential borrower doesn’t meet a lender’s criteria, they are typically simply told they don’t qualify for the loan, and aren’t given any tools or options to help them move forward. Our client, a regional bank in Colorado with 10 branches and $700MM in assets, was already using Konduit’s Plug-n-Play Rate Check and Hyperlocal LeadGen solutions when they learned about Decline Funding. They looked through their decline history and realized that customers that were declined were less likely to apply for a new loan in the future – that business was going elsewhere.


The bank started using Konduit’s Decline Funding solution and were able to set up declines to automatically route to Konduit, where 50% of declines were able to be funded. The bank was thrilled to be able to provide a more comprehensive consumer experience and above-and-beyond approach to customer service. On top of that, they have annualized $1.5 million in non-interest income – a new revenue stream for the bank – since implementation.

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