What is the Big Deal About Web3? 

Recently Konduit’s CEO, Nish Krishna joined fellow panelists, Nuno Leal from EY, and Abhishek Sharma from LPL Financial to talk about “What’s the Big Deal about Web3?”. The talk was moderated by Pradeep Singh from Capgemini during the #Fintech Generations conference hosted this summer of 2022 by #RevTech Labs in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Web3 is seen as the third generation of the evolution of web technologies. It is a vision of a new and improved Internet that puts more power and control into the user’s hands instead of large tech companies. 

The discussions on the panel ranged on various topics related to Web3, such as component technologies, industry adoption, use-cases of Web3, and challenges to the adoption of Web3 in financial services. 

Nish added perspectives from the viewpoint of fintech startups like Konduit, a fintech infrastructure that allows banks to integrate easily with 3rd party fintechs using web3 technology like smart contracts.