Konduit Fintech Stack Covered by myAWS

Konduit was recently featured in an myAWS article by Martin Lebeau regarding the behind-the-scenes of their no-code fintech stack. Martin notes, “Konduitis leading the way by providing a truly decentralized way for banks to leverage today’s top fintechs. Konduit connects banks with fintechs to offer their customers the modern financial apps and experiences they have come to expect. “ Konduit strives to keep local banks and credit unions competitive vis-à-vis larger banks and neobanks by providing a modular way for local banks to leverage today’s top fintechs.   

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According to the article, Konduit follows the serverless architecture design with a diverse stack that includes no-code frameworks like Bubble and core frameworks like Angular and Django. This provides the flexibility to build modules quickly and scale them even quicker. The entire infrastructure is maintained in AWS and utilizes a variety of resources like Lambda functions, API Gateway, WAF, Fargate, S3, RDS, and many more. 

 You can think of Konduit as “Zapier for banks to use fintech solutions”. Konduit gives non-experts, expert capabilities. Banks can not only customize individual fintech options according to their needs but also combine multiple fintech solutions to create end-to-end business workflows. The fintechs available range from lead generators, tech fintechs, data, and AI fintechs, and capital sources.